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Friday September 12, 2014

Rose York Kelly
posted by Oliver H. Barber, Jr.
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            I was out of the office yesterday, September 11, 2014, attending the funeral/celebration of life of my good friend and first cousin’s wife, Rose York Kelly.

            Rosie, for 62 years, was a woman, wife, love, mother, teacher and spiritual leader at Shaw Memorial Catholic Schools in Madison, Indiana.

            She empowered young women, and older women, to be the best and the strongest humans they could be.  I have long taken inspiration from Rosie – in this regard.

            In my practice of law, I constantly advise and represent women who are the victims of workplace harassment and discrimination.  I have dedicated the better part of 40 years of legal practice to that activity.

            In my avocation, I have coached young women and girls to play soccer.  Fifteen plus years at the club level, Louisville Soccer Club, and thirteen years at Assumption High School.

            My goal is the same in both endeavors – to empower young women to withstand the vicissitudes of life.  In order to shed light on this woman and our goals, please read her favorite prayer enclosed herein. 



I want to teach my children how to live this life on earth,

To face its struggles and its strife and to improve their worth

Not just the lesson in a book, or how the rivers flow,

But to choose the proper path, wherever they may go.

To understand eternal truth, and know right from wrong,

And gather all the beauty of a flower and a song,

For if I help the world to grow in wisdom and grace,

Then I feel that I have won and I have filled my place.

And so I ask your guidance, God that I may do my part,

For character and confidence and happiness of heart.