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Thursday May 25, 2017

posted by Oliver H. Barber, Jr.
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I recently spent a lot of time dealing with a case that involves a worker in the health industry who was in a high-level position with a company and had been there for several months. An offer was received to go to work for a second company and this person wanted to make the move. The problem was that there was a non-compete clause in his current contract with his current employer.

For those of you who are not familiar with non-compete clauses and what they are doing in the modern day society, I direct your attention to a New York Times article that shows the non-completes in all their scary colors.

However, my client and I, were able to work with each company to include language and documentation that was able to secure a release in the non-compete and make it possible to go to work in the new job with a substantial increase in pay.

I think you will find these fascinating for you and for everybody in your family.

The truth is, the existence and the flowering of these non-compete clauses is a result of the desiccation of labor union contracts in the United States. So, the employers are taking advantage of the employee and telling them if you want to go to work at this job, no matter what level, you have to sign this non-compete and we own you.

I would be very interested in your reaction.  Oliver H. Barber, Jr.