Areas of Practice - Civil Rights / Employment Law

For more than 40 years we have been actively involved in dealing with cases of employment discrimination and related civil rights issues.  We represent both employers and employees in all phases of workplace discrimination.  Federal, State and Local laws prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, age, gender and disability.  Additionally Louisville provides protections for  discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  We can help employers with proactive plans and procedures to prevent such work place discrimination and develop internal guidelines to handle claims.  We can represent employers accused of unlawful discrimination and shield against baseless claims.  We are available to counsel and represent individuals who have experienced discrimination as an applicant or employee.

Sexual Harassment claims are often complicated by emotion and we are experienced in handling these issues and sorting through the emotions to identify and resolve any valid legal complaints.  The workplace disability law issues require a careful balance of reasonable accommodation to the specific impairment so long as the accommodation required does not present an undue hardship to the reasonable business needs of the employer.  We have years of experience of applying this balancing test.

 Civil rights claims are not limited to the employment arena,  they extend to housing, education and places of public accommodations (restaurants, bars, theaters, swimming pools and government services, etc..)  We are available to represent landlords and tenants to resolve claims of discrimination.  We have experience in dealing with all manner of real estate discrimination issues.

Civil rights and discrimination claims can be an emotional minefield which will cloud rational thinking and complicate the search for a reasonable and lawful solution.  We have experience to untangle the emotional baggage and pursue a fair solution.      

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